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Solar – Why you really should be choosing a reputable installer.

For many years now, lots of people across Queensland have had solar installed and have enjoyed the many benefits a system can bring.

There are also many who are now running into issues with their solar due to a poor installation. Not only can a substandard installation result in voided warranties, it can also be extremely dangerous, with a potential to cause a fire.

We have seen a few houses over the years with really bad solar installations. The cost to rectify these problems can be quite expensive, with some systems needing to be replaced entirely.

Below are a few examples of a bad install from one property we have visited –



Conduit is exposed to the sun, resulting in it breaking down over the years and exposing the live cabling the conduit is meant to house.





The DC cables of the panels here are not tied up and are hanging on the roof.





The earth connection was not completed correctly when installed and has now broken off.





Solar panels should always be centered on the rail. The panel should not overhang the rail by this much – just this alone would void the panel warranty.





The panel here is overhanging the rails too much, making the panel weak at it’s unsupported end.





The solar rail is sitting directly on the tile – it should have feet under it to avoid damage and keep the panels level.



Here at Thermospark, our solar installers have OCD when it comes to their installations – ensuring systems are installed correctly and, more importantly, are safe.

It pays to do your research and not fall for the cheap solar gimmicks that are often advertised. Always choose a reputable company/solar installer (like Thermospark) for your solar install.

If you have any concerns about your current system, get in touch with us to organise a safety check of your system.

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