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ThermoSpark Electrical is one of the largest solar installers based in Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley, locally renown for using industry-leading product together with expert workmanship.

We offer supply and installation Solar System packages for commercial, industrial, and domestic customers. These packages can be tailored to your energy requirements and project budget.

Please don’t be fooled by the many companies advertising 6kW for $3000 or any other unsustainable rates. These companies are selly very low-quality systems that will offer little to no warranty when you need it the most, with the performance starting out ok but can degrade in performance quickly.

Understanding Solar Systems and how they work

Leading Solar Products

We use SolarEdge premium products to deliver systems that outshine the rest!

Who is SolarEdge? 

SolarEdge is the number 1 in the world for market share of single-phase inverters. They offer a 12-year warranty standard on their inverters (extendable to 20 years if required)

If you have a SolarEdge system, there is no more guessing what your solar is producing, you can view it live to your mobile phone tablet or computer. You can even see what each individual solar panel Is producing!

Our 6.6kW SolarEdge solar systems start from $6500 supplied and fitted on a single story tin roof. (Government rebate has been applied to this price)

We want to help out local business and remove your power bills completely. We have 15kW SolarEdge solar systems starting at $15,000 (government rebate applied to this price)

Solar Warranties

  • 25 year panel output warranty
  • 25 year optimiser warranty
  • 12 year inverter warranty (extendable to 20 years)
  • 12 year panel warranty
Solar systems Ipswich

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below our most commonly ask questions in relation to our solar system installations.

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Solar panels convert sunlight into clean DC  electricity. A solar inverter then converts the DC electricity into grid-compliant AC  electricity to power the home.

Utility power is provided when needed e.g. at night or during peak demand periods. Excess electricity can also be exported to the utility for credit or revenue, depending on the available solar scheme.

With our solar systems you can power your home with solar energy to reduce your electricity bills or earn revenue, depending on our local solar scheme.

Actual savings and revenue will depend on factors such as your home’s power consumption, the size of your system, your electricity plan, and so on. Our team can talk you through all of the information.

It’s a smart, long-term investment. Install solar to enhance your property value and mitigate the effect of rising electricity costs.

The StorEdge® solution is designed to maximise your solar
energy usage for increased energy independence and lower
electricity bills.
Excess PV power is stored in a battery and used when
needed to help meet your home consumption demands.
The backup option allows you to stay connected even
during power outages.

Quality solar products installed by expert electricians offer exceptional safety. SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ feature is designed to reduce the PV array to a safe voltage upon AC or inverter shutdown, offering more protection to installers, firefighters, and your home. Compliant with the most advanced safety standards.

In a PV system, each panel has an individual maximum power point. Differences between
panels introduce power losses and can lead to under-performance of the entire system over time.

With traditional inverters, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels. With
SolarEdge, each panel produces the maximum energy, and power losses are eliminated.

Our 6.6kW Solaredge solar systems start from $6500 supplied and fitted on a single story tin roof. (Government rebate has been applied to this price)

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